Study Finds That Your Mental Health Suffers If You Sleep Next To Someone Who Snores


We all love to have an uninterrupted sound sleep, at least one that’s free from the loud sounds emanating from your snoring partner. The loud snoring noises are so annoying that they can even affect the strongest relationship causing arguments and irritation.

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Apart from this, a study has recently found out that having a snoring partner can damage your mental and physical health as well.

The study conducted at the British Snoring & Sleep Apnea Association found out that atleast 20 million people in the country are sleep-deprived because their partner snores. As per the American Sleep Association, half of their population snores during sleep. Sleep Cycle study suggests that 52 percent of American women complain about waking up due to their partner’s snoring, reports The Sun.

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Experts believe that this disrupted sleep pattern many a time leads to depression, anxiety, and increases the chance of a stroke. It might also affect your body’s metabolism and memory consolidation, reports NY Post.

The habit of snoring might also lead to arguments between the couples, creating a turbulent atmosphere at home which in turn results in hypertension, stress, and changes in appetite. This gradually weakens the immune system and causes heart and kidney diseases. Researchers have also found that people who have sleeping partners who snore, also suffer hearing damage.

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So, if you tend to snore, you must right away start looking for ways to get rid of your problem. Maybe a pineapple plant on the table beside your bed would help!

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