Brand Designs Bizarre ‘Slash Jeans’ Worth ₹28k, Reminds People Of ‘Anime Sword Fights’

Fashion is all about creativity. But sometimes, it can get a little bizarre as well. A while back, French brand Givenchy launched “three-toed” socks and sandals that reminded everyone of Scooby-Doo. Now, a brand named LEJE started by two Korean designers in Paris is selling some really unusual jeans and pants.

These are their ‘Slash Jeans‘ retailing for $375 (i.e. Rs. 27,500 approximately).

And these are the ‘L Jeans‘ that cost a whopping $528 (i.e. Rs.38,700 approximately).

Needless to say, Twitter has some hilarious thoughts about these.

Some people can’t make up their mind on whether something is wrong with these jeans or is it a cool style to sport.

Others are reminded of anime sword fights, Wolverine from the ‘X-Men’ and the game ‘Fruit Ninja’ that as the name suggests involves slicing up fruits really quickly making diagonal cuts on them.

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But there might be practical problems to them like difficulty in wearing them and convincing mom that they’re not damaged and torn.

Would you try them on and consider buying them? Tell us.

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