After Valentine’s Day, Singles Gear Up To Celebrate Slap Day With Jokes & Memes

It was a very busy week for love birds. I mean, with all the days to celebrate, right from ‘Rose Day’ to ‘Teddy Day’, they might need a couple of days off to get over the hangover from Valentine’s week. Hence from today, singles (and people who couldn’t bear all the love in the air) have taken the baton and are celebrating ‘Anti-valentine’s Week’. Yes, it’s a thing!

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Since today marks the first day of this un-romantic week, people flooded Twitter with ‘slap day’ jokes and memes.

Take a look at some of them here:

Some of us might find celebrating ‘Anti-valentine’s Week’ foolish and nonsensical, but not for these people. For the initiated, tomorrow is ‘Kick Day’ followed by ‘Perfume Day’, ‘Flirting Day’, ‘Confession Day’, ‘Missing Day’, and ‘Breakup Day’ in that order.

Happy anti-valentine’s week to those celebrating. 😝

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