People Are Sharing Tiny Horror Stories Using 6 Words & We Are Terrified!

Living in the 21st century, having an account on Twitter can be beneficial in a number of ways. The popular micro-blogging site keeps you updated with the latest online trends, brings you close to your favourite celebrities and of course, happens to be the funniest place on the internet. And just sometimes, it tells horror stories too!

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Yes, it all started when comics and animation writer @GailSimone challenged people to write a super short scary story. Not just short but he asked the netizens to try and give goosebumps in just six words!

As interesting as it sounds, users came up with stories which will surely send a shiver down your spine while abiding by the rules.

Here is how soft-drink behemoth’s Pepsi trolled its arch-rival!

There were some made us laugh instead.

Here is bit of truth we all have to live with.

These were frightening but do you have a better one? Share your #sixwordhorror story with us.