Girl Offers To Buy Sister’s Perfume For ₹5K, Uses It For Free After Her Offer Is Rejected

Having an older sister is a blessing. Most of the time. Sometimes though, it can get annoying too. Especially if they don’t let us borrow (read: steal) their clothes, accessories and shoes. Twitter user Manal actually tried to buy an expensive perfume that was gifted to her sister but her offer was unceremoniously rejected.

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Naturally, she has now decided to use it for free instead. Take a look:

Some people defended the older sibling for choosing not to ‘sell’ her priceless gift.

While others wondered who was giving others such expensive gifts. A few even questioned why she should offer money in the first place.

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Annoying or not, there’s never really a dull moment when you have a sister. And as far as sharing things is concerned, if you have a solid system that doesn’t lead to sibling fights, let us know too!

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