Woman Shares Emotional Story About Her Sister’s Last Day At Home Before Her Wedding

As a younger sibling who was closely attached to her elder sister, I can say that the news of her wedding comes with a lot of emotions. While you’re happy that she will be embarking on a new journey, the sadness that she won’t be around makes your heart break.

Twitter user Ishal was also going through this rollercoaster of emotions on her sister’s last night at their home before her wedding day.

Knowing that her sister would be leaving home after the ceremony made her so anxious that she couldn’t sleep the entire night. But it wasn’t just her who wasn’t able to sleep, her to-be married sister was also awake.

Taking to Twitter, Ishal shared that the thought of her sister’s rukhsati (the last ritual after which a person leaves their childhood home to live with their partner) didn’t let her sleep. So, at around 4 am, she went to the kitchen to get a snack. There she saw her sister, also doing the same.

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Both of them were full of emotions and on seeing each other the floodgates burst. The emotional sisters hugged each other and cried their hearts out thinking that it was it for their adventures and lives together.

Now, it’s been a year of her vidai and Ishal couldn’t believe that they have spent a year without each other.

“I can’t believe I’ve spent a year without her around. I couldn’t ever leave the house without getting my outfit approved from her, I couldn’t order anything without asking her if she wants to eat with me, i couldn’t sleep without playing catan, I couldn’t do anything without her.” (sic)

People online also got a little emotional and were reminded of the time when they had to say goodbye to their siblings after their wedding.

They shared how difficult it was to see them go but they eventually made peace with their absence.

It’s definitely an emotional and hard time, but such is life. That’s why we sisters make sure to plan at least a trip together each year. What are the sister things you do?

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