Delhi Sisters Dress As Clowns To Cheer Migrant Workers Living In Shelter Homes

The coronavirus lockdown has left many migrant workers stranded in different cities. Many of them have been living in shelter homes, desperately waiting for that one opportunity when they can go back to their native places.

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They are probably going through an emotional rollercoaster. Hence, to provide them with some emotional relief, two sisters decided to dress up as clowns and entertain them, reports News18. Sheetal Agarwal, a medical clown and counsellor and Khushboo, an activist, decided to visit shelter homes in Delhi packed with Indian migrants to cheer them up.

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“If staying at home we can be so unhappy or so sad and stressed, then their level of stress (must) be very high,” said Sheetal. She further adds, “I don’t think I am very scared catching the infection, I am more scared of: ‘What if I am not able to make them laugh?’” Sheetal, who recently visited one of the shelter homes with her sister said to The New Indian Express that it was not easy to cheer them up.

“The atmosphere inside these temporary shelter homes is very different and painful. I would say cheering them up, making them smile or laugh was definitely one of the most difficult challenges I’ve faced till date.

“I could see the pain in their eyes and it was difficult to process.”

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“The experiences have been mixed. Seeing people participate, smile and laugh did bring joy to the clowns as well. Some babas sang and danced, children sang rhymes, played along, women danced and giggled, while at the men’s shelter one of them sang beautifully,” Sheetal explained.

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However, Sheetal adds that she doesn’t have the emotional capacity to visit the shelter homes anymore.

“I saw so much pain that I failed to make any more visits. Their eyes spoke of how desperate they are to go back to their native state. All of them are living in such difficult circumstances.”

“While performing some engaged with us while one broke down and couldn’t hold back her tears. I hope all of them get a chance to go back home.” she signed off.

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Here’s the video:

We rarely come across people like these sisters who are so considerate about the emotions of others. Thank you guys for trying to bring a smile on the faces of the people living in shelter homes, uncertain of what life holds for them in the near future.

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