Mumbai Guy Uses Tinder To Find Sisters To Celebrate Raksha Bandhan As He Suffered From FOMO

After Facebook and Twitter, people these days are migrating to dating apps and matrimonial sites. But these savage people are not here with the intention to find themselves a perfect partner. In fact, some of them have already built their professional network, used dating apps to find an apartment to rent, and found a perfect candidate for their company on matrimonial sites.

Inspired by them, a guy used Tinder to find a sister who could tie him Rakhi on the upcoming Rakha Bandhan.

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The FOMO of not having anyone to tie the Rakhi seeped in so deep that he did the unimaginable. Taking to Reddit, the guy shared why he did so, on a group exclusive to Mumbaiites.

He wrote that he always felt this FOMO on Raksha Bandhan as he doesn’t have sisters. So he wrote the bio, “Looking for a sister to hangout during Rakshabandhan” on the app. And thanks to it, he now has not one, but two sisters he met on Tinder with whom he will be celebrating the festival.

“I have felt the FOMO for most of my life during Rakshabandhan as I do not have any sisters. No one to tie me Rakhi and me gifting them stuff. Anyways, since last 2 years I have been putting the bio as follows during 2 weeks before Rakshabandhan:

“Looking for a sister to hangout during Rakshabandhan”

Thanks to tinder, now I have like two sisters both of whom I met on tinder. This year all 3 of us are planning to get together and celebrate Rakshabandhan and exchange gifts and stuff. I’m so excited.”

Tinder be like:

Let’s see how people online reacted to his jugaad that found him sisters on Tinder.

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