Twitter Users Had Some Pretty Funny Answers When Asked They Were #SingleBecause…

If any of you are not on Twitter, you have no idea how much sarcasm, self-depreaction, and some quite oddball stuff you will find there. But on the other hand, if you are not on Twitter, you will atleast get some work done in life.

So today, #SingleBecause started trending for who-knows-what reason, and of course everyone had to get their say in. Here are a few of the funniest tweets; Seriously, I need to meet these people in real life.

1. You nailed it, lady


2. … Say the beautiful people -_-


3. Ain’t that the truth.


4. Music lovers will get this one:


5. Doesn’t everyone’s?


6. Dude, whoever you are, please marry me.


7. And with one tweet, he made so many friends…


8.  Whaaaaaaaaat 🙁


9. Umm…


10. Well, that was… unexpected…


11. ….


 12. “Just Friends”


13. Now  that I come to think of it…



What would your #SingleBecause tweet be? 😀

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