‘No Parties Or Male Friends’: Woman Says She Can’t Rent A House In Bengaluru As She’s Single

For better job opportunities, quality education, advanced medical services, and exposure, several Indians, especially the youth, migrate to bigger cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru among others.

And while they are there, they would need a house to live in. Since not everyone is comfortable staying in a hostel or as a paying guest, they start looking for an apartment to rent.

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But, in India, it’s very difficult for single people, irrespective of their gender, to rent a house on their own. Their ‘unmarried’ marital status often proves as a roadblock in the process. Taking to Twitter, a woman shared her ‘house hunting’ story in Bengaluru.

The woman named Ruchita said that every broker asks her if she’s married probably because the house owner thinks that single women will keep calling their male friends to their homes and party every night.

She even shared the screengrabs of her conversation with a real estate broker who was fixated on renting the house only to women who won’t party and invite male friends over.

After the broker mentioned this condition to her, Ruchita politely denied him saying that she doesn’t want landlords who are so controlling.

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Captioning the screengrab, she wrote that from now on she will pretend to be married to a ghost who will ensure she doesn’t party. That’s the only way she would be able to rent a property.

“Every broker asks me if I’m married because married people live boring lives and so they deserve a house. From tomorrow, I will be masquerading as a married woman looking for a house in Bangalore. My husband will be a ghost. He will ensure there are no parties or male friends.”

People online were appalled by this mindset. Some even came up with suggestions that would help her rent a house in the city.

Apparently, a lot of people have gone through the same thing while looking for a house.

Earlier, a man looking for a flat in Bengaluru was rejected by brokers as he didn’t go to IIT or IIM. I really can’t find the logic behind not giving singles a house to rent.

As long as they are not violating other people’s rights, paying their rent on time, and returning the house as it was, there shouldn’t be a problem. What do you think?

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