Single Mom Was Skipping Class As She Didn’t Find A Sitter. So Professor Sat The Baby For Her!

Being a mother is difficult. Being a single mother is even more difficult. From changing nappies to making the baby take a nap, everything has to be done by one single individual. It not only requires strength but also a heart of gold to keep doing it every day without complaining.

Yes, it can be very testing when you don’t have any help. But then there are those God-sent messiahs who will save your day and make you count your blessings. Take this adorable teacher for example.

Ashton Robinson a student at Texas university emailed her teacher to tell her she wouldn’t be able to attend his class as she was unable to find a baby sitter for her son, Emmet.

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Dr. Henry Musoma, the professor, had an unimaginable response to this. He asked Ashton to get her baby along. And yes, the unthinkable happened. Both mommy and baby attended Dr. Henry’s lecture.

The lady was simply overwhelmed by the man’s kind gesture and decided to share it on her Facebook through this heartwarming post:

So today I emailed my Professor before class saying that something came up and I didn’t have a sitter for Emmett and he called me back and said to please bring him! Being a single mom is so challenging but it’s people like Dr. Henry Musoma that make life just a tiny bit easier! THIS is why I’m so proud to be an Aggie! Definitely something I’ll never forget and can’t wait to someday tell Emmett that it’s because of people like this that mommy was able to graduate from the best university in the world?
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She also shared a video of him attending to both the baby and the students in the lecture. Have a look:

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This man showed us that all it takes it to help someone is just good will. We need more men like you Dr. Henry.