People Giving Hilarious Reasons For Being Single On Valentine’s Day Is The Therapy You Need

It’s that time of the year again! Yes, I am fully aware that Christmas is not coming anytime soon, I am talking about the most beautiful time of the year, Valentines Day! Aren’t you all single people excited to see couples making out in every public place and movie theatre you go to? (It’s not like they don’t do it anyway, but you get my point.)

Not to forget all the ‘babu Shona‘ cards that are going to be uploaded to Instagram flooding your feed with all the love while you sit at home eating your feelings. At such a time, humour is the best way to feel better. After all, chocolates will be cheaper the next day!

And when it comes to jokes, Twitterati have some really good ones up their sleeve. People are tweeting the reasons they will be spending this Valentines Day without a beau, with the #WhyImSingle and they are pretty damn hilarious if I say so myself.

 1. Nothing beats good sarcasm. Nothing.

2. He also probably just wants to be friends.

3. Boom bhai-zoned!

4. It’s just a communication gap!

5. Translation: Feed me at regular intervals and you’ll be happy.

6. Oohh…BURN!

7. Ouch!

8. Gucci gang, Gucci gang…

9. Pineapple on pizza club. ?

10. It’s already too much work.

11. I feel personally attacked by this.

12. *Searches for all the FB posts*

13. Same girl same.

14. Person: Happy Birthday.

Me: Yeah, same to you. (It wasn’t)

15. I was just trying to be cute!

16. That’s cancelled.

17. It’s honestly a mystery…

18. Hehehe…

19. Me in a nutshell.

20. It’s not my fault I am just really funny.

What are your reasons for being single? Let us know!

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