16 Perks Of Being A Single Child


A single child as a kid is never happy with the fact that they are the only kid in the house. They always demand for a baby brother or baby sister. However, when they grow up, things start to change. They realize the various perks of being the only child of their parents.

Wondering what those amazing perks are?

Read on.

1. New crib, new pram, new clothes

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Since they are the only kid, they get everything first hand right from their childhood.


2. Invent their games

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Single kids learn to invent new games for single players. Their creativity runs fast since their childhood.


3.  No need to share their chocolates

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All the chocolates that come home are all theirs.


4. Their toys are their toys. And They have a lot of toys

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All their cars and barbie dolls only belong to them. This also boosts their imagination as they make up their imaginary friends.


5. Easily emotional blackmail their parents

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Ek he to baccha hai aapka, aisa karoge mere saath?


6. Get the best of everything

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Their parents don’t have to pay for two, so they end up getting the best of everything.


7. Cousins to them are almost like their siblings

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They share a great bond with their cousins and never feel like they are the only child


8. Pampered by all

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Ek he toh baccha hai, theek hai na de do jo chahiye woh.


9. They learn how to operate gadgets on their own

9 i am smart
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They are not dependent on anyone to download stuff and explore new gadgets.


10. Their ideas and views are not influenced by anyone, they are 100% original

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Ideas are not dominated by their siblings. They have their say and view.


11. Books, movies and tv shows become their best friends

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This way they learn a lot about the world and get more exposure.


12. Their pet means the world to them

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Automatically makes them an animal lover.


13. They have a lot of friends

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They always go out in search of making new friends and are never shy to do so.


14. While they grow up they find the most ideal rakhi brother/sister

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They have the liberty to choose their own brother/sister.


15. Parents take extra care while teaching values

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Single kids are especially taught these two values –  Sharing is caring and being stubborn is bad.


16. They become responsible quite early

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As a single child they have no one to look up to so, they simply take up the responsibility and become self made humans.

It is good to have siblings, but it is great  to be a single child as well. You learn to be independent, responsible and value relations more than anything. 🙂

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