11 Things Only Bathroom Singers Will Understand

It’s high time bathroom singing was considered a legitimate hobby. Bathroom singers are the ones who love to sing, but sadly, aren’t blessed with the talent to sing. But no, that ain’t going to stop them. They always rock the hand-shower as the microphone and the bathroom stool as the stage, and they will continue to do so.

Here are the things only staunch bathroom singers will relate to.

1. You automatically start singing when you’re in the shower

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It’s like you’re on stage when you’re in the bathroom.


2. Be it any tune that you fancy, you strive to get it right in the bathroom

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You may not try it when you’re in the house, but the bathroom is an exception.


3. You’ve also made your presence felt with your bathroom singing, if you wanted to impress someone who was sitting outside

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Because you pretended to be nonchalant, but you were trying to make your mark with your voice. ūüėČ


4. People in your house/hostel know where you are when you start singing loudly

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“Yeah, he’s in there. It’s been an hour.”


5. There have been times when you’ve been interrupted by laughing people, asking you to stop

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But did you? NO WAY IN HELL.


6. And they’ve also taken it up a notch by recording your terrible singing, and eventually embarrassing you

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They finally had something to emotionally blackmail you with.


7. Sometimes, you even think of songs you’re planning on perfecting when you get to the bathroom

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And you promise not to get out till you perfect that. Nope.


8. And there have been times where you’ve had mishaps in the bathroom because you were too busy singing

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Yup, didn’t see the soap on the floor because I was concentrating on perfecting that Atif Aslam song.


9. But, none of these mishaps and pranks matter to you,¬†because you’re too cool to care

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10. There are no inhibitions in the bathroom- you will hit all the notes, highest or lowest- even if you sound terrible

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And again, you don’t care. It’s what you love to do.


11. And at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you’re a shy person, because in the bathroom, you’re a star

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And no one can steal your shine.

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