“There Is No Musicality In Rap Songs,” Singer Shaan On Yo Yo Honey Singh’s Music

The music industry in India churns out a lot of Hindi songs. However, a lot of them are criticized for having offensive lyrics or being really bad remixes of old songs. But the fact remains that rap songs are the most popular right now and get the most number of views online. Singer Shaan recently gave his two cents on the matter by saying,

“Very few people actually understand music. We cannot musically educate everyone but what we can do is churn out good music so that people develop a taste for it. But the easiest way is to stoop down to their level.”

Without naming Yo Yo Honey Singh, he gave examples of some of his songs saying Hindi rap is easy. HT quoted him adding,

“Why is rap music so popular today? Is it because they use expletives? No, because there is no musicality in rap songs. Anyone can sing songs like ‘Chaar botal vodka, kaam mera roz ka’, ‘Aaj blue hai paani paani paani’, ‘Lungi dance lungi dance’.”

He also revealed that the reason these songs are still being made is because,

“Music companies are saying that these kinds of songs, they may not be great music, but we get views on them.”

Watch the entire interview here:

As the audience, it is up to us to recognize as well as appreciate songs that have rhyme and flow and reject the ones that don’t, wouldn’t you agree?

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