If You’re A Millennial, This Video Perfectly Explains What’s Wrong With You

Adults who were born approximately in or after the year 1984 are collectively termed as ‘millennials’. Our nation, India is home to the largest number of millennials in the world. These young and dynamic minds have high hopes of achieving big on the global stage and are leaving no stones unturned in making a difference. However, most of these people are also struggling on various fronts in their lives. With no answer in sight, a lot of them are becoming victims of depression and are even getting suicidal!

In this video uploaded by David Crossman, renowned author and motivational speaker, Simon Sinek shares a bunch of insights on millennials. From being victims of flawed parenting, living in an age of technology that provides an instant gratification of materialistic things, a characteristic trait of impatience and working in a corporate environment that doesn’t care a bit for them, Simon touches every reason behind the newer generation’s problems and gives appropriate solutions to tackle them.

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