Sikhs Deliver Free, Nutritious Food To The Elderly In UK Amidst Coronavirus

The world has received umpteen amount of support from the Sikh community whenever it faced a crisis. Whether it was the Australian Bushfires, the droughts in India, or the Civil War in Syria, Sikhs have been like a pillar of support for victims, providing them with medical aid, food, water, and everyday essentials.

Even now when the world is experiencing the coronavirus pandemic, people from the Sikh community are here to help. According to a report by News18, Sikhs in Slough, England, are providing the elderly with free nutritious food and delivering it themselves.

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A man named Harjinder Singh Kukreja recently took to Twitter to announce that Sikhs in Slough, Berkshire, have come up with ‘Mobile Food Support’ for people aged 65-years and above and will be delivering “healthy and nutritious” food to them.

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Speaking to News18, Harjinder said:

“Sikhs have been at the forefront of philanthropic work throughout the world. The community ongoingly delves into social causes which make a mammoth difference.”

Have a look at the Tweet here:

People on the internet showered their love and support on the Sikh community of Slough. They praised their humanitarian efforts and wished for more people to volunteer.

It is people like these who make the world a better place and give us hope amid despair! Here’s hoping others would be inspired by this and help the elderly too!

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