Gaslighting To Neglect, People Flag Signs That Indicate You Are In An Abusive Relationship

Our love and affection towards someone often become an obstruction to actually seeing what’s going on IRL. Our emotions and sometimes our expectations from the relationship create an illusion that whatever and however our partners treat us, it’s coming out of care and concern.

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However, it’s those on the outside who see the problems we keep subjecting ourselves to without us realizing it.

And like always, Reddit users are here to flag out the signs that might suggest that you’re in an abusive relationship and it’s time you take control.

what are signs you may be in an abusive relationship and not realize it? from AskMen

Belittling you in front of others to gaslighting, here’s what people listed.

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If you resonated with any of these things listed above, then take it as a sign and put your foot down.

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