Sidhu Moose Wala’s Dogs Shera & Bagheera Refuse To Eat, Wail In Pain Waiting For His Return

The Punjabi music industry lost an incredible talent after Sidhu Moose Wala passed away tragically recently. The singer turned politician was shot dead right after the Punjab Police withdrew his security and that of 424 other people.

Sidhu Moose Wala had two pet dogs – Shera and Bagheera, who were often seen along with him in many pictures. However, after the demise of their owner, the once playful dogs have now been left shattered.

According to The Tribune, Shera and Bagheera have withdrawn to a corner of their house and continue to sit near his tractor waiting for him to return. They have also been refusing food since Sunday evening.

“Shera and Baghera used to get a lot of affection from Moose Wala. They have not been eating since Sunday evening, continuously laying in a corner. They look up only if they hear some noise hoping it would be their master. Shera had a healthy diet and ate thrice a day but now he isn’t eating anything. Baghera too has lost weight,” Zee News quoted a neighbour of Moose Wala saying.

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In a video that went viral, one of the dogs can be seen lying on the floor while another wails in pain.

A dog’s behaviour is known to change in the absence of its owner. They often refuse to eat, sleep for long hours and are not their jolly, jumpy selves anymore.

How extremely sad is this!

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