Navjot Singh Sidhu Joins Congress And Twitter Erupts With Hilarious Responses. Thoko Taali!

Cricketer-turned-actor-turned-politician, Navjot Singh Sidhu has been in the news for quite some time for joining a political party. After he left his Rajya Sabha membership and the BJP, rumours were spreading about him joining the ‘Aam Aadmi Party’ and becoming the face of the party for being the Chief Minister of Punjab. However, Sidhu shocked everyone with his new political affiliation on Sunday.

Putting all the speculations to rest, Navjot Singh Sidhu joined the Indian National Congress on Sunday, weeks before assembly elections in his home state, Punjab.

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As soon as the news broke, Twitter took charge to give us some rib-tickling reactions. Check out some of the best ones.

1. Seems legit


2. Umm… 


3. Uh oh!


4. We may never find out what he really meant


5. A taste of his own medicine?


6. Cricketer to actor to politician to comedian?


7. Sidhu’s new slogan?


8. Is he really doing that?

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9. Put on a show already


10. That might actually work


11. Wait, what?!


12. From the archives


13. Gotta catch ’em all!


14. A match made in heaven


15. Aha!

Twitter never fails to amaze.

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