Sidharth Says His First Film Was Shelved, As Director Went To Work With A ‘Bigger Actor’

Sidharth Malhotra may have debuted with Karan Johar’s Student of the Year in 2012; however, in a recent interview, he divulged that it wasn’t the first film he signed. Sidharth recalls, “I came to Bombay when I was 20-21 years old.

“At that time, I was supposed to do a particular film with a different production house, different director. Unhone bulaya, casting kari, audition hua. Maine picture ki taiyaari kari, takreeban 6-8 mahine wait karta raha,” he shares.

He adds that the project never took off. “Picture kabhi shuru nahi hui. That director went on to make a film with another bigger actor, obviously so.”

Speaking of losing out on the role, Sidharth said he felt ‘completely lost’ because he had no contacts in Mumbai. “You start over again. You are trying to wonder how to learn and understand the business. 

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He reveals that it was the time he realized he could be an assistant director and learn by being on the film set of ‘My Name Is Khan’. “Uss time pe yeh decision lena ya kisise sunna ki assistant direction koi cheez hoti hai, aadmi set pe aa sakta hai, seekh sakta hai, was I think a game-changer for me. I am very grateful to get an opportunity to be on set as an AD because that was the film school training that I never had,” he added.

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