14 Side Effects Of A Good Relationship

Girl meets boy and they get on like a house on fire. But little do they know that their fire might be burning other things too:

1. As the dramatic crying over heartbreaks is not your concern anymore, sad soulful songs don’t make sense



2. The more “quality time” you spend with your partner, the distant you become from your close friends


Even science supports it.


3. You tend to let go of yourself as you don’t have to “dress to impress” anyone


PJs are the new black!


4. Ogling at other hotties, which was once your favourite and most fulfilling time-pass, is not fun at all now



Plus you develop questionable flirting skills



5. You have to be attentive in every other conversation you have with your partner. Zoning out into your own dream world is not an option!



6. You are not sure if your likes and dislikes are personal preferences or you are on the relation autopilot now



7. The inside jokes and random smiles that you share may seem cute to you, but it makes other people in the room think you are mocking them



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8. Your smug and happy relationship becomes the nightmare of your single friends



9. Going out and partying is a vague term for you. Staying in is all the rage!



10. You miss the taste of pointless dramatic fights, because you know each other too damn well



11. You tend to judge every other couple you meet


And maybe¬†try to out-romance them. ūüėČ


12. All the sexy time…



..is replaced by endless talks



13. You get wary of people very quickly when you don’t find the same level of comfort with them as you do with your partner



14. In the end, you’re happy because you know you’re made for each other..


..and nothing else matters.

Love conquers all.

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