Sia Posts A Naked Pic Of Herself To Shut Down A Creep Trying To Sell Her Nude Pics. SLAY!

Right now, while you’re cribbing about how cold your coffee is and how far your weekend is, there’s someone redefining badassery.

And it’s none other than Chandelier-swinging, Cheap Thrills-loving Wild One from Dusk Till Dawn, Sia!

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Apparently, some foolish excuse for a Peeping Tom decided that it was a good idea to take naked pictures of the songstress and sell them to her fans. But she wasn’t going to take it lying down!

Sia shared a nude picture of herself on Twitter, calling out the perp and trumping him by offering a free of cost ‘client preview’ instead!

Of course, Twitter rioted and showed full on support for this epic snapback!

1. You go, girl!

2. So legendary and diabolical, Barney Stinson would be proud!

3. Sass-tastic! Take a bow!

4. Yaaaaaaaaaaas Queeen! SLAY!

5. That’s it! Perez Hilton said it means you’ve conquered the Internet!

We get that fans want to know what really goes on in a star’s life but this level of intrusion into someone’s personal space is a violation that we cannot and should not stand for.

Are you really a true fan if you’re participating in something like this? You guys, these aren’t the kind of ‘Cheap’ Thrills Sia was talking about FFS!

Sia Kate Isobelle Furler, girl, you give it back to those creeps like nobody’s business!

You’re bulletproof! Nothing to lose! Fire away, fire away!¬†You’re TITANIUM!

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