Twitter Rains Memes After Shweta Forgets To Mute Zoom Call While Sharing Spicy Secrets

You never know what’s the next thing that will trend like wildfire online. After ‘Manali Ki Thand’ and ‘Pawri Ho Rahi Hai’ it’s a certain woman named Shweta who has been trending online.

The reason? Well, a video has been doing rounds on the internet wherein this unidentified woman named Shweta can be heard spilling someone’s secret over a call to her friend named Radhika. But what she didn’t realize is that she forgot to mute the Zoom call she was on along with 111 other classmates.

And now, the entire world knows the boy’s secret. LMFAO!

Several of her classmates did try to alert Shweta but in vain. And memers online didn’t take a second churning out hilarious jokes and memes mocking Shweta and her major blunder.

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All you nosey people, here’s the video of Shweta spilling the guy’s secrets.

“Shweta, your mic is on” is currently topping the trend chart with curious people trying to figure out who this woman is. Even music producer Yashraj Mukhate took to his Instagram stories and systematically explained Shweta how to mute calls.

Well, ever since the world started working from home and attending virtual meetings, we have been flooded with people making similar hilarious gaffes.

Hopefully, the spotlight will soon be off Shweta and the boy.

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