Shweta Tripathi’s Goan Wedding To Rapper Chaitnya Is In 2 Days And The Festivities Have Begun!

Shweta Tripathi

Our generation is all about doing things our way. We often question traditional practices which have been mindlessly followed for ages. For us, expressing ourselves is vital. Be it with our work or our personal lives. And one major aspect where this change has been reflected lately is weddings. Weddings recently have seen a shift from gaudy Bollywood inspired feels to showcase a more personal touch.

And by the looks of it, we’re in for one such personalised fun wedding in just two days. That of the super cute couple, Shweta Tripathi and Chaitanya Sharma.

Rapper Chaitnya popped the question to the Masaan actress, Shweta, in April and it was all kinds of awww…

But but but… Don’t exhaust your awwws just yet, because they’re just getting started! They’re all set to tie the knot on the 29th of this month in Goa, and the festivities have already begun.

Shweta’s friends threw her a bachelorette party over the weekend and of course, the groom gatecrashed it in style.

That caption though! I could cry. But I won’t. Not yet.

Because look at this ray of sunshine here getting her Mehendi done with the most radiant smile ever.

Image source

She chose a cheery yellow outfit for the occasion and by the looks of it, has her feet up on a trolley bag. Jugaad for the win!

However, the star of the show is definitely her mehendi design. Check this out:

Image source

Yup, that’s a rollercoaster on her right arm and a flight on her left. Why? No, not because she has a thing for rollercoasters and flights. But rather, because of two adorable milestones in their love story: a.) Shweta and Chaitnya got to know each other for the first time on the flight back from a play they starred in together. And b.) Chaitnya asked her out while they were going downhill on a rollercoaster.

I want to scream “How cute are they?!” again, but I feel I’ve used “cute” way too many times already.

But honestly, how do you look at this and not say it?

Image source

Oh, to hell with it! I’m going to say it: Kaafi kyaut!

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