Shweta Pandit On Italy Lockdown: If You’re Sick & Moving Around, It’s An Act Of Homicide


Bollywood singer, Shweta Pandit tied the knot with Italian film producer Ivano Fucci. She moved to Italy to live with her husband six months back and has been residing there ever since. This is probably the longest time she has been in the country.

But following the coronavirus outbreak in Italy, the Prime Minister called for a countrywide lockdown to keep a check on the rising COVID-19 cases declaring the nation as a protected zone.

People are allowed to move out of their homes only in cases of emergencies, nothing except pharmacies and grocery stores are open for public. Amid such a situation, Shweta who has been under the Italian lockdown shared details about the same on her Instagram.

“Despite initial panic, there’s a sense of togetherness among everyone. People seem to have accepted the lockdown. The squares are empty, and the usual morning crowds are nowhere to be seen. I saw how quickly the authorities took the decisions — they value human life more than the billions they will lose due to this lockdown. More than a struggle, I see the country triumph over this pandemic,” she wrote.

“You can move about for three reasons — for work, though many are working from home, health purposes, and basics provisions. A self-declaration form needs to be carried even if we’re commuting a short distance. If stopped, we’re cross-checked for its authenticity, or else we’re fined. If you’re sick and moving around in your car, it becomes an act of homicide,” she added.

Shweta also mentioned that the Italian authorities are taking the coronavirus spread very seriously and ensuring immediate medical assistance for those in need. “An ambulance will reach your house in five minutes and the necessary action will be taken,” she says.

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Having spent my longest time – the last 6 months in #Italy, also my second home after India, it breaks my heart to experience this phase of #quarantine and so many people in hospitals, in wake of #coronavirus and subsequently experience first hand, a country lockdown to protect lives of 60million people. Health over our day-to-day life anyday. I saw how quickly they took the decisions as they value human life more than the billions they will loose because of this lockdown. More than a struggle, i see Italy triumph over this #pandemic – which hit us much before the rest of the world. Just a few days ago- I saw a very young lady, being taken to hospital, she kept crying thinking she has the virus 🦠 i saw the ambulance 🚑 take her to the hospital but i dont know what happened later, i pray she is OK! Learnt alot from Italy in the last 7 days. This country is great- not just in history, culture and art but also to think about its people, their health and to use resources only for the wellbeing of its people. The country took the best decision and to be able to pull off a countrywide lockdown in just a few days is no joke. Hats off. Prayers for getting back on their feet. #italylockdown #braveheart 🇮🇹 The boot 👢 of Italy will kick #coronavirusoutbreak in its ass 🤞🏼

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Moreover, HT reports that “Anyone who comes down with a fever, cough, or other symptoms of the new coronavirus strain named Covid-19 who do not put themselves under self-isolation risk being charged with causing injury and be jailed for six months to three years.”

We hope people take the necessary precautions and help the world bravely fight back and overcome the coronavirus pandemic soon.

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