Musician Adds Killer Beats To ‘Shweta Mic On Hai’ Video, People Call It ‘Perfection’

Just a few days ago, much of the country was enjoying the tunes of Yashraj Mukhate’s ‘Pawri Ho Rai Hai’. But then, a video of a girl named Shweta revealing all her spicy secrets while her mic was on during an online class hit the internet and now, everyone is unanimously saying, “Shweta mic on hai!”

Many were waiting for Yashraj Mukhate to drop a remix version of ‘Shweta mic on hai’ but he took to his Instagram stories to reveal that he wouldn’t be making a video on it. However, musician Mayur Jumani, who in the past has posted his own fair share of amazing videos, made a rendition of ‘Shweta mic on hai’ and it is epic! Have a look:

It’s safe to say that people online got something better than what they expected because boy, are those beats killer! Here’s what some of them said:

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After #PawriHoRaiHai, we’ll be watching #ShwetaMicOnHai on loop now!

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