Shreyas Talpade Shows KRK His Place With ONE Kickass Tweet For His ‘Review’ Of Poster Boys

There are many things one has to ignore in order to be sane. Negativity, trolls, and Kamal R Khan are the three that top my list. #JustSaying

While I try my best to ignore what would bother me or cause rage…there’s only so much we all can do. So sometimes people tend to lose their cool.

And once in a while, someone speaks out to trolls and their backward thinking. They thrash them in the most badass way and it just makes the entire Internet joyous.

Today, our reason for happiness is actor and debut director, Shreyas Talpade. Shreyas, who just directed ‘Poster Boys’ starring Sunny and Bobby Deol, was celebrating the success and love he was getting for the film.


That’s when Kamaal R. Khan tried to put him down by calling ‘Poster Boys’ a ‘Wahiyat’ film.

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Now, I know that the sane minds of the Internet do not bother about what KRK has to say, but Shreyas was not here to take his BS. And so he called him out!


And according to a humble Twitter user, this is how the scene would look like if KRK and Shreyas ever met!

Maybe this time, just this one TIME…KRK learns his lesson.

Thank you for not holding back Shreyas! We’re going to crack up on this for a long, long time!

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