Shreya Ghoshal Issues Clarification As People Dig In Her & Parag Agrawal’s ‘Bachpan Ka Tweets’

Ever since the new CEO of Twitter Parag Agrawal took over the social media giant, his old tweets have surfaced online. And among some controversial ones that attracted a lot of criticism, his online conversation with his ‘bachpan ki dost’ Bollywood singer Shreya Ghoshal is what’s making headlines.

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It so happened that people online started digging out their old chats and sharing them online. Here’s the old friends asking each other’s ‘haal chaal’.

Take a look at some more of their old chats shared online.

In one of the old tweets, Shreya wished the Stanford scholar on his birthday and urged her followers to follow Parag.

To this, he responded:

Pictures of Shreya, her husband Shiladitya, Parag and his wife Vineeta chilling together also made it online.

People overstepped the line so much that the singer had to issue a clarification. In response to the incessant showering of their old chats, Shreya recently clarified that the tweets are as old as 10 years.
Dost ek dusre ko tweet nahi karte kya?” she enquired.

She also wished him when he shared the news of him leading Twitter.

People meet, then time and work drift them apart. They then reconnect on social media and chat a little. Hasn’t this ever happened with you?

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