Shraddha Kapoor Fan Expresses His Love By Hilariously Photoshopping Himself Into Her Pics

We have all had hopeless celebrity crushes who will never know that we exist. But thanks to social media, we at least stand a little chance to make ourselves known to them. Fans can really go the extra mile to gain their favourite celebrity’s attention, like the Virat Kohli fan who has 15 Kohli related tattoos (his name, jersey number, awards, etc) on his body.

Talking of fans going the extra mile, a diehard fan of Shraddha Kapoor has gone viral on the internet for his hilariously photoshopped pictures of the actress and himself. From editing his own pictures into movie scenes and posters to coming up with cheesy captions, this fan surely gets brownie points for his consistent effort to express his adoration!

Here is a peek into his social media quest for love:

What would netizens say? They’re having a tough time processing all the editing action they have seen!

We really, really hope Shraddha takes notice of these pictures!