10 Ways These TV Shows Would Have Ended Differently Had George RR Martin Written Them

Game of Thrones has become one of our most loved shows of all times. All the GOT fans would have to agree that the magic of the show lies in its compelling storyline. As we all know the famous show is based on the works of veteran author George RR Martin. When it comes to him, you can expect death, incest, dead people, black magic in almost every episode.

So, what would have happened if George RR Martin would have penned the story of some of our favourite shows? Here is a list of some of the most popular television shows and how it would have shaped if Martin wrote them.


1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

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Every season at least one of our favourite character would have died. There would have been no orange couch, rather an Iron Throne. The series would have ended with Ross and Monica as a couple.


2. How I Met Your Mother

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The narrator would have been dead and the kids would probably be listening to a recording. He would tell them how he fell in love with a girl and then discover that the girl had ‘no name’.

Barney would have had a playbook, which would have described innovative ways to kill people.


3. Suits

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Harvey would have died. Mike would have been dead too. Jessica would have been thrown out of her own firm and would be trying to assemble an army, to get back what she thinks is her own. Louis would have surrendered himself to some red head lady, who would have told him that one day the firm would become his.


4. The Big Bang Theory

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There would have been an Iron Throne and Sheldon won’t have allowed anybody to sit on it, as that’s his spot. Instead of comic comics, Sheldon and Leonard would have been keen on collecting Valyrian Swords.

The show would have probably ended with either Penny murdering Sheldon or Sheldon murdering Penny. And every time Leonard would have violated the roommate agreement, Sheldon would have asked for a trial by combat.


5. House of Cards

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First of all, Frank Underwood would not have lived this long. Claire would have become the President but she too would have been killed by Doug, who would then be killed by Jackie.

And out of nowhere, you would have seen Freddie, the Pork chops guy, running for president. Not to forget but the President would also be answerable to the High Septon.


6. Orange is the New Black

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There would have been no fences but just one great wall and all the inmates would be kept beyond the wall. Deaths would have been more common and you might as well find Piper burning down the whole prison like Daenerys and thus killing each and every guard.


7. Narcos

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Many would argue that there is already a lot of similarity between these two series. But had George RR Martin written it, Escobar would have owned a dragon instead of a car. He would have also had his own Melisandre, who would bring him back to life every time he would have died. He would also use her black magic to kill all his competitors.


8. Gotham

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If George RR Martin had written then the dark Gotham City would have served as the perfect background. We would have a young Bruce Wayne, who would have become a cripple by now and Alfred would then become his Hodor.

Inspector Gordon wouldn’t have to worry about pretty criminals but deadly white walkers. These white walkers would try to attack the Bruce Manor time and again. And ofcourse, as the series would have progressed, Bruce Wayne would have eventually ditched the Batmobile in favor of the dragons.


9. Modern Family

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Cam and Mitch would now be begging forgiveness from the High Sparrow. Inevitably, you would also see some of your favorite actors getting killed almost every season.


10. House MD

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House would kill all those who didn’t agree with him. Instead of a suit, we would have seen him in a black robe as worn by grand maester.

And whenever he would try to show Cuddy that knowledge is power, she would teach him a proper lesson, telling him that power is power. More patients would have been killed than cured. And I won’t have even surprised if somewhere in the series, House himself was killed off.

So what do you think? Tell us how you think the shows would have been had George RR Martin written them.

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