12 Things Only A Short Tempered Person Will Relate To

If you need just 2.5 seconds to go from “What a beautiful day!” to “I want to punch everyone in their face”, you probably have a bad temper. Here are 12 telltale signs of a short tempered person.

1. You are unable to hold your tongue if you dislike something

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Not because you are honest but because it really pisses you off.


2. Being impatient is second nature to you

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Long or short, queues are not your thing.


3. Your have long fights with your loved ones; parents, siblings, partner

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4. Your sibling generally steers clear of annoying you

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They know they don’t want to be your punching bag.


5. But sometimes they do tease you just to make you angry & have some fun at your expense

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because it’s so damn easy.


6. And so does your boyfriend/girlfriend

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You get pissed off while they roll on the floor laughing.


7. People keep delicate and fragile things miles away from you

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Pens, pencils, phones, nothing is safe when it comes near you.


8. Even you have no idea when exactly your trigger might go off

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9. You don’t even remember what made you so angry in the first place

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10. You feel guilty for losing your temper for no reason

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And arguing with your loved ones.


11. Knowing your nature you have considered joining yoga, meditation but mostly kick boxing

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Nothing helps.


12. If you can get angry in five seconds, you can cool down in  the same time as well

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Everybody knows that and over the time they have learned the tricks to cool you off.

If you lose your temper, you lose. Stay calm & laugh at yourself.

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