Four Young Short Filmmakers Got The Opportunity Of A Lifetime And The Results Were Amazing!

We Indians love our movies, don’t we? We love watching them, and making them, talking about them and letting them infuse our lives with a little of that quintessential filmy magic. You can’t deny the sheer amount of filmmaking talent in our country, and the huge number of movies the Indian film industry manages to churn out each year. I mean, we didn’t become the world’s largest film industry for nothing, right?

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But for every successful cinematic dream that comes true, there are a hundred that are struggling to find a right platform and a good enough backing to get realised.

This very disconnect between great talent and great output was perceived by HP India as a challenge that their latest range of HP laptops could totally help conquer!

We’re mightly impressed with HP’s latest offerings, which are without a doubt any filmmaker’s dream come true. They can expertly tackle every technical requisite of filmmaking, from storyboarding to editing to sound mixing! The best part? It’s all in one compact laptop, which means you can pretty much carry your studio around with you!

But before these mean machines could be allowed to do what they do better than the best, the right talent had to be given the right opportunity to use it.

And thus was born Fameistan, another excellent initiative by HP India, in association with MTV, to give young and budding filmmakers a chance to strut what they’ve got!

The first challenge for HP MTV Fameistan was to find four young guns who were passionate about their cinematic dream and had some exceptional scripts up their sleeve.

The next hurdle was to give these newbies the right mentors, with illustrious careers and a substantial grasp of the art. Fameistan brought industry stalwarts like Homi Adjania, Mohit Suri, and Radhika Apte on board to be their guiding beacons!

The final hurdle, of course, was for the ship captain to recruit the best crew. The call bell was rung all over social media and each of the four directors crowdsourced a cast and crew of their choice from the entries!

And so began Fameistan! Four young filmmaker, armed with great scripts and the HP laptops, under the guidance of their esteemed mentors and support of an enthusiastic cast and crew, set out to create four short films!

Filmmaking is a complex art form that requires several elements to come together in perfect sync. Fameistan had already provided the best resources to the four young filmmakers. As for the technical execution, right from pre- to post-production, HP had them covered with their range of laptops, the HP Spectre x360, Pavilion x360 and Pavilion Power, allowing them to work on their dream project anytime anywhere!

And the end result? Three amazing short films that you’ve got to see for yourself! HP MTV Fameistan’s Valentine’s Day treat for movie buffs is a back-to-back marathon of all three films!

Check it out!

HP MTV #Fameistan Short Film 1 #Letters

How would a love story between a social media influencer and girl without even an email id look like? Well the first short film of HP India MTV #fameistan is exactly about this. Presenting #Letters. Directed by the talented Gautam Sharma. Mentored by Mohit Suri. Edited completely on a HP Spectre. #ReinventMyStory

Posted by MTV India on 6 ಅಕ್ಟೋಬರ್ 2017

Isn’t this amazing?

With Fameistan, HP India has managed to give four young filmmakers the chance of a lifetime, resulting into many more in the future. All they had to do was put their best script forward, and the rest was taken care of! But more importantly, with its ace laptops range, it has successfully bridged the gap between quality content and the right tools to deliver it.

Technology is the ultimate leveller. If you’ve got the talent and the zeal to create, you don’t need a Godfather; there’s absolutely nothing that can stop you. Kudos to the whole team of Fameistan for making a whole generation believe in themselves, again.