Woman Scolds Shopkeeper For Refusing To Accept ₹2000 Note, Real Reason Leaves Her Embarrassed

Earlier this month, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) decided to pull out the Rs 2000 notes circulating in the economy as per the bank’s ‘Clean Note Policy’.

Even though the notes will continue to be legal tender, the general public has been advised to deposit the notes into their bank accounts or exchange them for other denomination notes till September 30, 2023.

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This news has increased the anxiety of those people who possess these notes. Shop owners and small businessmen have already stopped taking the Rs 2000 notes to avoid the hassle of lining outside banks to deposit the notes.

This is why, when a woman went to a shopkeeper and he refused to take her pink note, she became furious. She got so irritated with him denying to accept the money that she gave him a monologue saying that it’s valid till 30th September.

However, the shopkeeper had a very different reason for not accepting the Rs 2000 currency as opposed to what the woman thought.

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After the woman became furious, the shopkeeper clarified to her that he couldn’t accept the note she gave him because it was torn. Yes, that was the main reason.

Embarrassed by her behavior, the woman then simply made the payment via an online payments app and left the shop.

She then returned home and explained everything in brief to her bestie. Calling her an idiot, her bestie took a screenshot of their conversation and posted it online.

People online had a good laugh at the woman and enjoyed her embarrassing moment.

Apparently, the woman went to the shop to buy the ‘aesthetic-looking’ potato chips by Lays. Now, even I want to try that chip. But obviously, will keep some cash in hand, just in case. LOL!

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