Shoojit Slams A Journo For Leaking The Plot Of His Film But There’s A 2nd Side To The Story

Shoojit Sircar has won hearts with the raw reality in his films and we have always loved the new versions of our favourite stars that he coaxes out of them for his films, whether it is the intense political drama ‘Madras Cafe’ or Deepika’s independent avatar in ‘Piku’.

The latest buzz in B-town is that Varun Dhawan is all set to star in a first-time collaboration with the director for his next film ‘October’. Curious ears are searching for any scoop about the upcoming film which promises us a serious facet of Varun Dhawan as was seen in ‘Badlapur’.

DNA, in an attempt to reminisce the days of Varun Dhawan in ‘Badlapur’, published an interview of the actor in the newspaper. They also published the scoop from sources in anticipation of the new film which unravelled a little about the genre of the film.

However, this did not sit well with the director and he took to social media to condemn the journalist who wrote the piece for trying to reveal the story of the film.


He also raised a question on the ethics of the journalist, Nayandeep Rakshit, who wrote the piece based on sources quoting the film as a “dark” and “niche” plot.

But that’s not the whole side of the story!

If you look at the story closely you would notice that the journalist has not revealed any major details of the film apart from referring to it as a hard-hitting, gritty film.

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He had even contacted the director to ask his response on the story since it was based on sources. He took to Facebook to reveal his side of the story and this might put things in perspective. He wrote,

Proof that I informed Shoojit Sircar clearly that I needed to talk to him. I even sat on the story for at least 10 days before filing it. And still, I am called names and I am told that I don’t know the ethics of journalism. Wonder what you have to say to this, Shoojit da!


He also shared his WhatsApp messages which he sent to the director before filing his copy and they clearly show that the director was in no mood to reply to his appeals to talk.

The journalist also claimed that he had even called Shoojit Sircar and the director had told him to text him again after which he received no response. He has also said that he chose to contact the director because he felt that it was the right path.

While there is no denying that journalists have covered scoops on hearsay on more than one occasion, this journalist did not deserve to get humiliated about a piece which had nothing to do with the plot of the film.

We wonder what Shoojit has to say about the journalist’s rebuttal.

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