Someone Dubbed Over Sholay’s Iconic Dialogues In Sanskrit, Twitter Reacts To The Video

Micro-blogging site Twitter is one such social media platform that has the potential of making anything viral in just a jiffy. However, it is also able to spark controversies and fuel debates with just a click. And recently, Twitter was burning with Urdu vs Sanskrit debate.

People were irked when a politician posted after-before pictures of Dehradun railway station’s alleged name change. In one of the images of the signboard, the name of the railway station was written in Urdu alongside Hindi and English, while in the other it was written in Sanskrit making it “Dehradunam.” However, the images were fake and originally shared in February, reported News18.

While people were busy enjoying the meme fest, a journalist came up with a ‘Sanskari’ version of the 1975 movie ‘Sholay’ that too in Sanskrit. Yup, even I had to look at the entire video to believe this.

So, here it is:

People were delighted to watch this creative video. Here’s how they reacted to it:

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Someone also shared a Kashmiri remake of Sholay:

You can watch the video of ‘Sanskrit Sholay’ here:

The Rohan Sippy film ‘Sholay’ has been through a lot- from ‘Game Of Thrones’ reimagined with dialogues from ‘Sholay’ to a trailer mashup with ‘Suicide Squad’. Only God knows what’s going to be next.

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