Shoaib Akhtar Slams Pak Cricket Team, Says Sarfaraz Repeated Virat Kohli’s Mistake!

After Pakistan lost to India on Sunday, it was not just the Pakistani fans who took to social media to vent their anger and rage.

Eminent sports personality and former Pakistani cricketer, Shoaib Akhtar went on publicly bashing the team for their incompetence and ‘Clueless Management’.

He also said that he was disappointed and heartbroken on seeing Pakistan’s approach.

Shoaib in his earlier tweets had also said that captain Sarfaraz Ahmed made the same mistake that Virat Kohli made in Champions Trophy, 2017.

But in a recent video released on YouTube, the angry and frustrated Akhtar was seen bashing the entire cricket team. He reasons the team’s ‘Clueless Management’ and ‘Brainless Captaincy’ as the reason for Pakistan’s defeat.

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Akhtar was quoted as saying:

“How can the captain be so brainless? Knowing that their strength is not batting but bowling, why did he choose to ball first? When they won the toss, the match was half won. But they tried to not win the match. We don’t have a history to chase on the field. Toss was very crucial to win the match.”

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Taking a dig on Hasan Ali, he further added:

“Hasan Ali should’ve given his best on the field rather than jumping away at the Wagah Border. Probably he has decided to stick to T20 and PCL which is why he is playing in this manner.”

He was seen praising the Indian batsmen an also pointed out the loop-hole in the management in his analysis video.

Watch the full video here:

It’s about time the players take note of the expert’s advice! Don’t you think?

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