Shoaib Akhtar Blames Virat Kohli’s Marriage & Family Life For Rough Path In His Career

Recently, when former Indian Cricket Team captain, Virat Kohli missed out on his 71st century against South Africa in the first ODI match, fans trolled him alleging that he is out of form. Kohli’s wife and Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma was spotted on the stands during these matches along with their daughter Vamika.


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Well, people have somehow linked Kohli’s inconsistent performance with his marriage and claim that he is losing focus because of his wife and his family.

And among these is former Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar who in an interview said marriage has affected Virat Kohli’s career.

“I would have not even married if I were in his place. I had just scored runs and enjoyed cricket, these 10-12 years of cricket are different time and doesn’t come again, I am not saying getting married is wrong but If you are playing for India, you would have enjoyed the time a little.”

“Fans are crazy about Kohli and he had to maintain that love he is getting for the last 20 years,” Zee News quoted him saying.


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He further added that the responsibility that comes with marriage puts pressure on the player. “There is pressure from the children, of the family. As the responsibility increases, so does the pressure.”

“Cricketers have a short career span of 14-15 years in which you stay at the peak for five-six years. Those years of Virat have passed, now he has to struggle.”

In another interview, the “Rawalpindi Express” said that Virat was forced to leave captaincy, referring to Kohl’s recent announcement of him stepping down as India’s Test skipper, reported Zee News.

“Virat didn’t leave captaincy but was forced to do so. This is not the best of times for him but he needs to prove what he is made of.”

“Is he made of steel or iron? He is a great guy and a cricketer. Do not try too many things, just go out there and play cricket. He is a great batsman and has achieved more than anyone else in the world. He just needs to go out there and play with his natural flow,” he said.

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His comments irked a lot of people online who then slammed him for his misogynistic statements:

Anushka, like any other supportive wife, has been around with her husband through thick and thin. However, this doesn’t give anyone the free pass to comment on their family matters. I still don’t understand why the wives of famous people are often blamed for their rough patches.

What do you think?

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