Meet Shivam Bhardwaj, The Mumbai Guy Who Slayed In A Skirt Inside A Local Train

With celebs like Ranveer Singh and Brad Pitt showing up in skirts at public events, it has been established that clothes have no gender. But for normal people like you and me, it’s still a topic of mockery and embarrassment when a man wears a skirt and roams around in public.

In order to break this mindset and make clothing more inclusive, social influencers like Jainil Mehta and others are working to normalize seeing men in skirts.

Digital content creator Shivam Bhardwaj has also been putting his heart and soul into creating content that resonates with the name of his Instagram profile ‘the guy in a skirt’.

Bhardwaj, who proudly came out as gay, has been going places in a skirt, a piece of clothing everyone associates with only women. Watching men in skirts is a rare sight.

Hence, someone commented on his post that men won’t ever be influenced by him to wear skirts in public. ‘Stop faking yourself’, the user said.

Taking the comment as a challenge, Shivam went to the most public place in Mumbai, the Mumbai local, and rocked a black skirt look giving everyone a run for their money.

The glares and stares he received on the Mumbai local show we have a long way to go. But IMO, he slayed!

Watch the video here:

While Shivam now has thousands of people loving and following him, his journey to where he is today wasn’t easy.

In a video he posted earlier on his profile, he shared that his father was unhappy with him when he chose content creation as his career.

“There was a time when I told my dad that I want to be a content creator and I want to make videos and he kicked me out of his house.”

But after seeing how much effort and hard work Shivam does to realize his dreams, his dad gave him money to buy a camera with which he can make better quality videos.

His dad also sent him a message saying that he is proud of him.

Sharing a selfie with his parents, he also shared that because of his childhood experience, he never had the guts to click individual pics with his dad. But this time, he managed to get one clicked which was photobombed by his mother.

“But us din mai yeh smjh gaya k, time k sath rishte ki narajki bhi theek ho jati hai. Mummy papa mere ab lifeline hai.”

Nothing comes easy in life, but it does arrive eventually. Glad to see his dad, who once rejected his aspirations, finally embracing him for who he is. So proud!

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