Twitter Reacts To Video Of Ship Seemingly Afloat Mid-Air Above The Sea

A couple of days ago, a woman shared an optical illusion picture on social media and successfully baffled puzzlers. Although it gave us a headache, I felt that such brainteasers are a good way to keep our minds engaged during the lockdown.

So, we went back to scrolling our social media feeds and found a picture that has left us scratching our heads. We found footage that showed a ship floating in the air above the sea. No, it’s not a scene from an animation or a fiction movie, but it happened IRL.

According to Times Now, Monika Shaffner spotted the rare sight when she was walking by Mount Maunganui in New Zealand. She was quick to film the unusual sight of a ship seemingly hovering in the air.

Well, we couldn’t believe our eyes. Hence, we did some research and found out that the optical illusion is actually a common sight in the sea.

According to Mail Online, the unusual phenomenon is caused by the alteration in atmospheric pressure. As per scientists, ‘the mirages appear when a layer of warm air sits on top of a layer of cold air, causing the light from the ship to bend as it passes through gaps in air currents.’

The bizarre sight can be seen where the sun sets over the ocean, or can also be observed in the deserts. Apparently, such an illusionary sight is known as ‘Fata Morgana’ that is caused when the sun heats up the atmosphere above the land or oceans.

Here are some more visuals of such a rare phenomenon.

Well, I would have freaked out at the sight of a floating ship. But, good to know that it’s not some witchcraft, but plain science.