Kangana Ranaut Points Out How Female Actors In Bollywood Have To Live With Unequal Pay

Kangana Ranaut has been the rebel of Bollywood from the very beginning. From her choice of characters to the fact that she found her footing despite not having any Bollywood legacy, she proved it time and again that she is here to reign.

She has also always been extremely vocal about the hypocritical situations women face in India. Whether it’s her portrayal of characters like Rani from Queen or Alka Singh from Revolver Rani, or her stand against endorsing fairness creams, she is slaying misogyny, one issue at a time.

In an interview with zoOm, Kangana voiced her displeasure about the unequal pay between male and female actors. Pointing the double standards of Bollywood, she said how despite being compared with the male actors of Bollywood for their acting abilities, women actors get paid peanuts!

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You keep doing you, Kangana! Never stop being awesome!

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