Forget Jenga, As Shenga Is Here! Twitter Applauds The Popular Game’s Desi Version

We all enjoy playing board games with our loved ones. It’s exciting to get competitive and have fun while beating our friends at a friendly game, especially during house parties. Be it the unavailability of Jenga and Giant Jenga or perhaps the cost of the game, a desi guy always comes up with a creative solution. 

According to News18, a Twitter user came up with Shenga, an Indian version of the popular wooden block game Jenga. The game is quite similar to Jenga, the only difference being, instead of putting Jenga blocks, the user has used groundnuts.

The Bengaluru man’s craftiness of using ground nuts instead of the wooden blocks, has certainly given a desi twist to the famous block game, reports Indian Express.

Twitter users really loved this brilliant concept and felt he should patent it. Take a look:

This is not the first time someone has come up with a creative version of a game, some kids had also made a ‘jugado’ version of the Carrom board to play the game on streets. We certainly love putting our Indian touch to everything foreign, don’t we?

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