“People Mocked My Weight,” Shehnaaz Gill On Shedding 12 Kgs During 6 Months Of Lockdown


Even though gaining or losing weight is an individual’s personal choice, celebrities are sadly often fat-shamed publically. Recently, Shehnaaz Gill, who became a household name after her stint in Bigg Boss 13, lost a lot of weight during the coronavirus-induced lockdown. The reason behind her sudden transformation? Well, some people mocked her for her weight in the Bigg Boss house.

According to News18, Shehnaaz was determined to lose weight because she wanted to show the world that she could look svelte too. The actor said that she weighed 67 kgs when she started her journey in March and is now 55 kgs. Wondering what’s the secret behind her 12 kg loss in six months? Shehnaaz revealed that she simply reduced the portions of her meals.

She was quoted saying by HT, “A large amount of work has come to a standstill all around, so I thought why not just go for weight loss? Kuch logon ne mere weight ka mazak udaya tha Bigg Boss 13 mein. Kai log weight lose karte hain, maine socha chalo logon ko dikhati hoon ki main bhi patli ho sakti hoon (Some people made fun of my weight in Bigg Boss 13. Many people lose weight, I thought let me show people that I can be slim too). It’s not difficult to lose weight if you really want to.”

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Shehnaaz says,

“Trust me, I went in for a simple reduction in my eating habits. You can say that I cut off on my non-vegetarian food,  chocolates and ice cream and nothing else. But besides that, let me explain how I ate because therein lies the catch. Every day, I ate just one or two things. I wouldn’t stuff too much variety in my daily consumption of food.”

She added, “For example, if I ate dal and moong for lunch, I would eat the same for dinner. And I reduced the portions. If I was hungry for two rotis, I ate only one. Mann maarke khati thi (I would suppress my feeling of hunger and eat). And it started working.”

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Shehnaaz even revealed that she would get influenced by people’s opinion earlier but now is very happy with herself, reports TOI. Speaking about getting roles due to a certain weight she said, “As it is, the camera makes us look more than what we really are. And let me tell you that if you are not weighty, you get more roles. If you are plump, you get similar types of roles. If you are not plump, you get almost all kinds of roles.”

Well, more power to her. As long as, an individual is happy with the way they are, nothing else should really matter. What do you think? Tell us!

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