Shatrughan Sinha Says The Debate On Nepotism In Bollywood Is Irrelevant

It’s time controversies surrounding Sushant Singh Rajput’s death came to an end. Well, that’s not what we think, but it’s precisely what ‘shotgun’ Shatrughan Sinha feels.

The veteran actor who has been in the Indian film industry since the past five decades feels that post the sad demise of Sushant, people have become mental health experts, reports Republic TV. In an interview, he said, “Only God knows what prompted a young handsome talented superstar like Sushant Singh Rajput to take his life. But why are we unnecessarily dragging this issue?”

“Suddenly everyone is Sushant’s friend, offering two-bits on him. People, whom Sushant had never met, are an authority on his mental health.”

He added that people must stop and let Sushant rest in peace. The actor turned politician divulged that the debate on nepotism surrounding Sushant’s career and his death is irrelevant.

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National Herald quoted him saying, “The young man had a very successful career. And he was never made to feel like an outsider.”

“This industry welcomes actors from everywhere, from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, everywhere. There is no discrimination here.”

And ever since the debate on nepotism took-off, many filmmakers including Karan Johar were accused of encouraging the practice in Bollywood.

But Shatrughan feels that Karan unnecessarily had to bear the brunt of it. “Karan Johar is accused of nepotism. But Siddharth Malhotra was not any industry person’s son.”

“Even Alia Bhatt is not Karan’s relative, so how is it nepotism? I think it’s time to put a lid on this absurd controversy.”

“Because you have Ayushmann Khurrana from the outside being welcomed, and then you have his brother being welcomed. I don’t know of any other industry in India that is so welcoming of outsiders,” he concluded.

Well, nepotism and casting couch are some topics that have been widely discussed by several industry insiders themselves. However, there have been many like Shatrughan who feel otherwise. What do you think about this difference of opinions in B-town? Tell us.