Shashi Tharoor Argues On Why Britain Still Owes India & He Couldn’t Be More Right

75,000 years of Indian history.
200 years of British rule.
68 years of Indian independence.
Where are the reparations?

Oxford Union is an unparalleled debating society in Oxford widely known for it’s international guests and speakers. It has been established for 189 and has actively contributed in shaping ideas around the world. In their recent session, they invited Shashi Tharoor, who boldly spoke on why Britain owes reparations to India. He also highlighted on how Britain brutally exploited the country as a cash cow and changed the state of people from weavers to beggars.

He underlined that it is not a question of how much money to be paid, but about the principal to pay someone back for the wrong doings that you have committed against them.

This video was shared by OxfordUnion.

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