Shashi Tharoor Slammed For Tweeting Women MPs Make Lok Sabha An ‘Attractive Place To Work’

Politician, writer, and public intellectual who makes us question our English language skills, Shashi Tharoor is also an avid social media user. He is often seen giving us a glimpse of his life – be it his workout session, a family gathering, or his latest travel expedition.


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Recently, when he posted a picture alongside other fellow Ministers Of Parliament, he attracted a lot of backlash. This is what the MP for Thiruvananthapuram posted following which Twitter became a war zone.

Incessant criticism rained over his profile with people calling him out for assuming that women only make a place look ‘attractive’.

Take a look at some of the reactions to his tweet:

The author of 23 books then released a public apology stating that he was happy to be roped into this show of ‘workplace camaraderie’.

Well, this was the time when Tharoor would have chosen better words.

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