Shashi Tharoor Shared His Nephew Singing ‘Despacito’ And Internet Slowly-Slowly Took His Case

*hums Despacito with distorted lyrics* Because, yo no hablo español*

For the uninitiated, Despacito means slowly-slowly. But the Spanish number by Luis Fonsi feat. Daddy Yankee became a mass-sensation too damn fast. It went viral across the globe at the speed of light and even those who don’t get any head and hail of Español, started lipping the number.

Ever since then, there are a zillion covers of the song. Some, we quite like. It’s no doubt that Despacito rules 2017 and many voice artists want to add their zing to the song. And, that list of singers includes Shashi Tharoor’s nephew, Aryan Pushkar too.

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Known to make a lot of covers, 19-year-old Aryan recorded his version of Despacito. And, his well-read and full of intellect uncle, Shashi Tharoor shared it on his Twitter handle.

The VIT student is seen singing most bits of the song except for the rap bit and it’s shot with his friends sharing the frame. It was uploaded a couple of months ago, but the views shot up after the Congressman shared it.


Despacito! <3Who says Indians can't sing in spanish? 🎶Share! <3A huge thanks to Amethyst Creations for this super collaboration🔥A big hug to all the brothers who were in the video, you guys were the support I needed ❤Anuj Singh Yash Udhlani Pranjal Jalota Saurabh Agarwal Utkarsh Gautam Aachman Jain Kartikeya Jha Suraj Rath :)Keep sharing <3Much love Aryan

Posted by Aryan Pushkar on 27 ಸೆಪ್ಟೆಂಬರ್ 2017

He even thanked his Shashi uncle.

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Then, what? Tweeple had a lot to say about the video and about Shashi too.

1. Some complimented the voice.

2. We are guessing, yes.

3. Then, they started asking questions.

4. Can he though?

5. Then, came advice.

6. Well, not every line, guys!

7. That sarcasm!

8. Some talked about Shashi Tharoor too.

9. And, then, this too!

10. And the chiller comment is still fresh in some minds.

Coming back to Aryan, he’s done many covers and now that his Shashi Uncle has tweeted about him, we’re sure he is grabbing a lot more eye-balls.

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