Shashi Tharoor Made A Typo In His Tweet. No, It’s Not A Phrase Like Farrago, Guys!

“English is a bhery phunny language,” said Shashi Tharoor never.

He loves English and we love his English. Though most of the times we have to consult a dictionary to truly gauge what our impressive Congress MP is saying.

But, nevertheless, we enjoy reading and hearing Mr. Tharoor’s impeccable language skills.

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After the exasperating farrago of his eloquent words, such as this…

The world lauded for him and we have immense amount of respect for him (not that we didn’t have it before).

Recently, Mr. Tharoor gave his two cents about the ongoing heated debate about Padmavati in Rajasthan — that how people are more concerned about a film and not about the education and welfare of the women of the state.

Didn’t understand the last bit? Well, hold on those horses. That’s not some new fancy terms he is throwing at all, but a mere typo.

But, before the Grammar Nazis could jump in and point that out to him or school him. The language perfectionist that he is, he himself apologised for it and clarified what happened.

The reactions are quite varied.

That he surely is!

Well, well, well!

Some, believed the words and googled them too. Eh?

And, the common suggestion was this,

Whatever be it. We quite like Mr. Tharoor’s earnest nature, when it comes to the English language.

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