Tharoor Asks Google To Explain Their ‘Disgraceful’ Search Result For ‘South Indian Masalas’


If you need to know something, there’s a yantra called Google (as my friend puts it) which has all the answers. But, we’re not very sure if the answers provided are always right. One, shouldn’t blindly believe in all the search results. Take this misogynistic case for that matter.

Recently, a Twitter user put up a tweet, that compared the Google search results of two very generic searches — North Indian Masalas and South Indian Masalas. The disparity in the pages that popped up is clearly shown.


While for North India, normal masalas showed up in search results;


For the South Indian ones, the images were of voluptuous South Indian ladies, which were downright vulgar and a classic case of objectification of women.


This matter caught Congressman, Shashi Tharoor’s eyes and he asked Sundar Pichai and Google to fix it.


And, reflected how it reflects the understanding of intent.


Soon, reactions started pouring in and they were, TBH, mixed.

1. Some slammed Google.


2.  One called Tharoor ignorant.


3. This guy tried explaining how Google algorithm works.


4. And, this guy couldn’t hold back the exasperation.


5. This guy tried explaining ‘masalas’.


6. And, this is Indian Masala.

This is downright disgusting and disrespectful to Indian women. Oh, wait, we almost forgot that’s how some people see women in our country and that’s how they are shown in potboilers (sadly).

So, maybe the search results can change, but when will the mindset change?

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