Shashi Tharoor’s Latest Tharoorian Poem Is The Baap Of All His Previous Word Tweets

We’re all quite familiar with the Tharoorian vocabulary by now. The Trivandrum MP, Shashi Tharoor has made it a practice to baffle his Twitter followers with idiosyncratic words that send us scrambling for a dictionary. And since Twitter is usually an exasperating farrago of webaqoofs voicing troglodytic opinions, often as a result of their lalochezia, Tharoor’s short school sessions are a welcome change. See what I did there? Damn right, I know my Tharoorian!

However, this time the erudite politician has brought out the big guns. And by big, I mean, BIG. 4 times as big.

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Yesterday, he tweeted out a poem on the voyeuristic tendencies of the Indian media:

I think my brain just had a minor spasm. That’s 4 new head-scratching words in one tweet! How do we even begin to fathom this?

Luckily, one user took it upon himself to make sense of the loaded tweet:

So, prurient is the excessive interest in sexual matters, especially that of others. Esurient means hungry or greedy. Parturient refers to a woman or female mammal about to give birth or is in labour. And the last one, scripturient is the trickiest one, as even the Oxford dictionary doesn’t have it on record. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as “having a strong urge to write.”


Others though were happy churning out poems and jokes of their own:

1. One Tharoor wasn’t enough?

2. Tharoorasaurus is the new black.

3. Oooh, can I join?

4. Can’t help but sing along.

5. Yaaasss!

6. I’m beginning to feel like a Rap God, Rap God…

7. Same.

8. LMAO.

9. I feel you, dictionary.

10. On another league altogether.

11. Hey, if you got it, flaunt it!

12. This is not a drill. I repeat, NOT A DRILL.

Well, there you have it peeps. Now go put these new words to good use. Let your inner scripturients run wild and free.

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